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About Canund Gold Corp

The CEO of Canund Gold Corp is Bryan Boucher. Bryan Boucher is 27 years old and was born in Northbay, Ontario. Bryan was raised in Oshawa, Ontario, which is in southern Ontario about 60km east of Toronto. Bryan has been the COO of Canund Social Network Inc for 1 year and has good knowledge of how the company operates, and the direction the company is going. Because of this Bryan has been trusted to take on the role as CEO of Canund Gold Corp and help guide it in the right direction. Bryan started to get into business at the age of 20, investing in the stock market. Since then, Bryan has done a lot of research on different markets and has come to understand growth very well, and what creates growth and allows a company to prosper. Bryan continues to research every day to find new strategies and paths to success, as he knows humans as a species never stop learning. Bryan works with investors closely to answer any questions or concerns to improve investor confidence and will continue to do so. Bryan looks forward to working with a great team to enhance future success. 

Canund Social Network Inc 

Canund Gold Corp is owned and operated by Canund Social Network Inc. Canund Social Network Inc is a resource communications company. Canund Social Network Inc was started on October 1st 2018 by the CEO Scott Bacheldor and officially incorporated on April 15th 2019. Canund Social Network Inc owns and operates a social media platform called Canund Social Network. Canund Social Network is the direct competition of Facebook. Canund Social Network has grown substantially in the first year and a half and currently has over 60,000 members. The growth of Canund Social Network continues to be substantial and constant. Canund Social Network prides itself on taking care of the members, and providing a good clean platform for its members to communicate on. The admin of Canund Social Network works diligently to keep the platform clean from inappropriate content. Admin on Canund Social Network also takes pride in answering questions and providing members with support when needed. Canund Social Network Inc is based in Saskatchewan, Canada but will be moving operations to Fort Nelson, British Columbia in the near future. With this valuable 

gold asset, and the help of the directors, Canund Social Network Inc will become a big prosperous company. It is only a matter of time. 

Canadian Jobs 

Even though the gold deposit is in the Northern Saskatchewan, Canund Gold Corp will be hiring Canadian workers. This will create hundreds of Canadian jobs over the next 20 years. There will be many positions that will need to be filled both in the mine and the refinery. As Canund Gold Corp prospers, Canund Social Network Inc will proper as well through investment, and an influx of revenue. Even though Canund Gold Corp’s operations will be based in Arizona, Canund Social Network Inc will be based and maintain operations in Canada. Canund Social Network Inc will be diversifying into many different industries creating thousands of more jobs across the board. Canund Social Network Inc will have 20 different sub-companies that will operate under the same umbrella to bring revenue into the company. These 20 companies will create thousands of more jobs for the Canadian people. As Canund Social Network Inc grows Canadian job numbers will go up and Canadians from all walks of life will benefit. 

Economic Effect 

Because Canadians will be hired for this mining operation, it will create an influx of revenue coming into the economy. This will allow businesses in Canada to prosper. As Canund Gold Corp prospers, Canund Social Network Inc will prosper as a direct result and which will also cause a revenue increase in the economy. The bigger Canund Social Network Inc gets the more of an asset it will be to the Canadian economy. This is because as the company succeeds and brings in more revenue, the employees of ours will make more money. This will result in more people spending money which will cause a direct positive effect on the economy. The more money that comes in through Canund Gold Corp, the more jobs Canund Social Network Inc will be able to offer. As the income of our employees increases, it will allow them to make investments in the economy, bringing more revenue into the economy to help it grow. By being prosperous big companies with lots of revenue, and working together as a unit, Canund Social Network Inc and Canund Gold Corp will allow the Canadian economy to grow and become stronger than ever before.

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