Canund Gold CORP West Lake Athabasca

100% Green, With No Chemicals For Mining

Welcome to Canund Gold CORP.

2883 Acres to Mine

2883 Acres of Land or 1,166.937 Hectors

  • All mining rights 100% owned by Canund Gold CORP. 

  • We are looking for a $10 Billion USD investment or the converted amount in Canadian Dollars.

  • This would create 2000 plus jobs for indigenous people in northern Saskatchewan. This would bring 400 well paying careers  for each indigenous community in northern Saskatchewan. 

  • This means that with great paying work 2000 families will no longer have children go hungry anymore. 

  • This is an open pit mine.

  • We are looking at this to be 50 years plus of mining. 

  • On the estimate below we got 500 acres by 100ft down.

  • We can mine from the surface to have minerals show up 700 feet down. 

  • We have core samples sitting in Regina Saskatchewan that show minerals from surface to 700 feet down. 

  • We know where the main vein is and it’s estimated that on the main vein we will have 8% to 15% Nickel.

  • We plan to use Conveyors Mining Screens more to avoid fuel consumption with big trucks. These screens can go for KL’S with very little power usage. We will still have heavy machinery just not as many trucks as an old fashioned mine would have had.

  • With using heat extractors to process the minerals out of the rock this will avoid the need for chemicals. 

  • We will build a hydrogen plant to use to produce the heat we need for the extractors. This means we don’t need to use natural gas down the road; this would involve a greener environment as we will not need to do fracking like natural gas to produce hydrogen. 

  • Using hydrogen instead of natural gas would save us $506,750,000.00 over the first 5 years. 

  • When we start we expect to process 10,000 tons a day of minerals and we hope by year 5 we will be processing 100,000 tons a day of rock.

  • We will start off with 2000 man camp and expand to 5000 man camp within a few years  of being in production creating more jobs. 

  • We would also set up greenhouses to help cut back on the cost of food if we can grow food right there. 

  • With 1 acre of Aquaponic Greenhouse we can produce up to 5,000 pounds of food daily. This would be from fresh greens, with some fruits, and fish. We will have 3 to 5 acres for this setup based on need.

  • We would also have small livestock chickens, and pigs. 

  • We would have the chickens for laying eggs for feeding the miners. 

  • The pigs would be a great way to dispose of leftover food and we can recycle the rest of the materials used from packaging of the food. 

  • To get all our supplies to the mine we will hire locals for their barges and have 40 built from our suppliers as well. 

  • If there are any trees that need to be removed there will be milled and used for cabins and small lumber will be used for firewood this will make sure the trees don’t go to waste. 

  • We also are looking at bringing a rail line up after a few years of the mine being opened. This will recuse the price for goods in the north and allow people to travel as well. 

  • When we are done mining we will restore the lands. We will plant lots of fruit trees allowing for the wildlife to have food as well as make an income for the local community nearby. 

  • When finished with the camp it will go to the neighboring community to help with housing. 10

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