The Environment

Canund Gold Corp has taken 4 main environmental factors into consideration before, during, and after the mining operation takes place. It is our responsibility to leave the environment in good condition so life can grow and prosper during all phases of the mining and refining process.   

  1. Air Pollution  

Canund Gold Corp has looked into the environmental effects of the mining operation. We are committed to mining with very little environmental effects. Due to the refining process being mainly electronic, and automated, CO2 emissions will be nil. No coal powered equipment will be used. 

  1. Plant Life 

We have taken into consideration all the plant life in the area. In Arizona cactuses are protected by law so procedures will be put in place to safely relocate them. When relocating cactuses, it is our duty to make sure we relocate them to a place where they will prosper. There are very little trees close to the mining site. Any other plant life will be closely considered and safely relocated, to be able to live a long prosperous life.   

  1. Animals and wild life 

When it comes to animals in the environment, we will have professionals come in to tranquilize animals to have them safely relocated to a place where they will have a good prosperous life. We will have veterinarians on site to take care of any animals that get stuck in our operation. A fence will be put up to prevent any animals from coming into the territory and getting hurt. Noise emitters will be put up around the outside of the operation to scare off wild life that may come into contact with the mining site. 

  1. Water Supply  

Operations will be kept away from the water supply to ensure the water supply stays clean and drinkable. The chances of water being needed in this process are very slim. If water is used, water cleaning and filtration systems will be invested in so clean and healthy water can be returned to the environment.    

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