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This simple: How would you like to make 2.22 times on your Investment.  For every one share your own you make 222.69 estimated and up. This means if you have one million shares $222,690,000 with an investment of $100,000,000 USD. When you make a one-billion-dollar investment $2,226,900,000 USD and up. From small to big investors, you can miss out on this opportunity.  

With four crushers processing one thousand tons an hour each. This is ninety-six thousand tons mined daily with two as backup. We plan to have ten operating twenty-four hours a day at one hundred percent efficiency. 


This is the estimated value and yelled at what can be mined per five hundred acres of land out of 2883 acres. We plan to set up five mines at 500 acres each. 

Based off of 300 million tons over 500 acres 100ft deep

Mineral  Ounces per ton Total Amount Market price  Total Value  
Gold 1 300,000,000 $1881.80 an ounce $564,540,000,000 
Platinum 20 6,000,000,000 $1200 an ounce $7,200,000,000,000 
Palladium 10 3,000,000,000 $2800 an ounce $3,000,000,000 
Rhodium  0.25 75,000,000 $32,000 an ounce $2,400,000,000,000 
Nickle10% percent ton 30,000,000 tons $18,000 a ton $540,000,000,000 


At forty percent being mined to start with this is what we will be pulling up daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly. With four rock crushers processing one thousand tons of rock an hour each. With four crushers over twenty four hours a day. That is ninety-six thousand tons of ore and rock processed daily with two backups for Maintenance or breakdowns.  

$6,113,452,800 daily $2,231,410,272,000 Yearly $222.69 per share annually.

Mineral’s  Ounces and tons per min 96,000 tons mined daily 2,880,000 tons monthly 8,760,000 tons quarterly  35,040,000 tons Yearly 
Gold 1 ounce $180,652,800 $5,419,584,000 $16,484,568,000 $65,938,272,000 
Platinum 20 ounces $2,304,000,000 $69,120,000,000 $210,240,000,000 $840,960,000,000 
Palladium 10 ounces $2,688,000,000 $80,640,000,000 $245,280,000,000 $981,120,000,000 
Radium 0.25 ounce $768,000,000 $23,040,000,000 $70,080,000,000 $280,320,000,000 
Nickle 10% ton $172,800,000 $5,184,000,000 $15,768,000,000 $63,072,000,000 
Total $  $6,113,452,800 $183,403,584,000 $557,852,568,000 $2,231,410,272,000 



First and foremost, Canund Gold CORP. cares about the environment. We have several plans to make this work. We want to preserve the environment so our kids and grandkids have a future to come.


First off, we will do everything in our power to keep this project environmentally friendly. When trees are removed for expansion, they will be used 100%. This means that as we don’t have the forestry permits, we can only do 4 things with them    

  1. Use them to build cabins for workers as well as firewood.   
  2. Sell to the logging company that owns the rights to the territory.   
  3. Donate to the local tribe.    

We will need to build over 500 or more cabins. This means nothing will go to waste. When we are done with the land, we will replant trees on the parts that we aren’t with. We will be planting fruit trees so this way the local tribe will have food for future generations to come.    


All creeks and rivers would be diverted in the last case scenario, so as not to upset the ground water if we need to mine in that area. This would only be in a last resort effort as we don’t wish to mess with any water altogether.    



 All the Property would be fenced off and have noise makers to keep the wild life away from the site to avoid them falling in the pits.    


Worker Safety    

All workers must have their basic W.H.M.I.S. safety and other safety courses before coming onto property. These courses will be offered where our head offices will be located at.



We Have 2883 Acres To Mine

Cost Over 5 Year Plan 



Name Of Equipment Quantity Of Equipment Cost Per Piece Total 
Excavators 80 $2.8 Million $224,000,000 
Screens ————– ——————- $2 Billion 
Mineral holding facilities  —————– ——————- $50 Million 
Transport Trailers 20 $250 Thousand $5 Million 
Semi-Trucks 12 $1 Million $12 Million 
410 Ton Dump Trucks 2 $7.4 Million $14.8 Million 
Refineries/Mills 22 $68.1 Million 1.5 Billion 
Office Trailers 100 $100 Thousand $10 Million 
4 Megawatt Generators 2 $15 Million $30 Million 
Cranes 2 $50 Million $100 Million 
Fuel Tanks 10 $200 Thousand $2 Million 
Legal Expenses ————— ———- $5 Million 
Grand Total ——————- ———- $3,952,800,000 




Workers Number of Workers Cost Per Worker Per Year Yearly Total 5 Year Total 
CEO 1 $200,000 $200,000 $1,000,000 
Directors  9 $100,000 $900,000 $4,500,000 
Officers  10 $200,000 $2,000,000 $10,000,000 
Mine workers  200 $80,000 $16,000,000 $80,000,000 
Security 60 $100,000 $6,000,000 $30,000,000 
First Responder  30 $100,000 $3,000,000 $15,000,000 
Mill/ Refinery workers  220 $80,000 $17,600,000 $88,000,000 
Total 530  $45,700,000 $228,500,000 



Name Cost Per Day Cost per year 5 Year Cost 
Deisel Fuel $1 Million $400 Million $2 Billion 
Natural Gas $288 Thousand $105 Million $525 Million 
Electricity $34 Thousand $12 Million $60 Million 
Total $1.3 Million $517 Million $2.6 Billion 


Total cost over the next five years is $6,776,800,000 

Any investment over one million USD must Contact the owner and CFO Scott Bacheldor. Text First 1(306)850-5238 

Email if you have questions

Thank you and hope to talk to you soon.

Articles Of Incorporation 

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